Vertical Packing Machine

Applicable Products/

Plum, preserve, mixed fruit, sesame, anti-mosquito sticker, tea, screw and hardware, etc.

Stand Accessories/

Tool box with socket wrench, Hex wrench, Screwdriver.

Optional Equipment/

Date coder, Easy tearing device.


  1. Three sides sealing, four sides sealing and pillow type packaging are available.
  2. Employs Japan OMRON photocell for tracing, assuring high accuracy sealing and cutting.
  3. Easy to adjust packaging sizes.
  4. Automatic process : Measuring→making bag→filling→sealing→cutting
  5. PID sealing temperature control features minimum temperature tolerance in ±2%.


Packing TypePillow type
Packing Weight1-30g
Packing SizesW:50-170mm, L:50-120mm
Packing Speed15-50 bags/min
Main Motor1/2HP
Power Source110/220 V, 50/60 Hz
HeaterUpper sealing 300W x2pcs, Lower sealing 350W x2pcs