Vertical Liquid Filling Packing Machine


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Company Add. / No.77, Cide Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412, Taiwan

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Applicable Products/

Tapioca bubble, shampoo, sauce, fruit vinegar, ketchup and liquid with grain.

Stand Accessories/

Tool box with socket wrench, Hex wrench, Screwdriver.

Optional Equipment/

Date coder, Easy tearing device, Mixer.


  1. Eye tracker by micro-computer PID auto control system.

  2. Three sides sealing and four sides sealing are available.

  3. With finished bags counting function.

  4. The whole machine and material contact are stainless steel meeting the sanitation requirements.

  5. Simple package size adjustment.

  6. Automatic process : measuring→making bag→filling→sealing→cutting

  7. Design various types packing machine customized.

  8. Filling type in Rotary filling machine.

  9. Rotary filling machine in servo motor control system.

  10. Set up and disassemble the Rotary filling machine without tools, easy to clean.

  11. Set up the different packing weight on the touch screen directly.