Applicable Products/

Soy sauce, sauce, paste, etc.

Stand Accessories/

Tool box with socket wrench, Hex wrench, Screwdriver.

Optional Equipment/

Date coder printer, Finished products conveyor.


  1. ​With touch screen and PLC control system. 

  2. The file pulling mechanism is driven by servo motor with minimum tolerance.

  3. The machine is designed for pillow type packaging. (back side sealing)

  4. High weight accuracy with minimum tolerance.

  5. Employs Germany KT5W photocell sensor for tracing assuring high accuracy sealing and cutting.

  6. Easy to adjust packaging sizes.

  7. Automatic process : measuring→making bag→filling→sealing→cutting

  8. The whole machine and material contact meets the sanitation requirements.

  9. Two section sealing first fill and than seal.



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