Drip Coffee Filling Packing Machine

Applicable Products/

Tea, coffee and herb, etc.

Stand Accessories/

Tool box with socket wrench, Hex wrench, Screwdriver.


  1. With touch screen and PLC control system, simple operation.
  2. The film pulling mechanism is driven by Servo motor with minimum tolerance
  3. After adjusting the position of electric eye on touch screen, machine will locate the correct one after 1 – 2 bags to save the packing film.
  4. Adjust the length easily, without disassembling any part. Only set up on the touch screen, and then you can get the required length.
  5. The machine will stop automatically if the temperature error is over 2-3 degrees on sealing system to avoid any defect.
  6. You can set up the number of bag, and the machine will stop automatically if the amount is finished.
  7. By Ultrasonic sealing type for inner bag to save the space for outer bag.


Packing TypeThree sides sealing
Packing Weight8-12g/bag (depend on the contains)
Packing SizesW:90mm / L:74mm
Packing Speed25-50 bags/min (depend on the contains)
Main Motor1500w
Power SourceThree-phase 220V
Heater300Wx2 pcs
Machine Dimensions1250x700x1700mm
Machine Weight250kg