Drip Coffee Filling Packing Machine



Applicable Products/

Tea, coffee…etc.

Stand Accessories/

Tool box with socket wrench, Hex wrench, Screwdriver.

Optional Equipment/

Date coder, Easy tearing device.


  1. With touch screen and PLC control system, simple operation.

  2. The film pulling mechanism is driven by Servo motor with minimum tolerance

  3. Germany SICK Electric tracker.

  4. After adjusting the position of electric eye on touch screen, machine will locate the correct one after 1 – 2 bags to save the packing film.

  5. Adjust the length easily, without disassembling any part. Only set up on the touch screen, and then you can get the required length.

  6. The machine will stop automatically if the temperature error is over 2-3 degrees on sealing system to avoid any defect.

  7. You can set up the number of bag, and the machine will stop automatically if the amount is finished.

  8. By Ultrasonic sealing type for inner bag to save the space for outer bag

  9. Automatic process from inner bag forming, filling, sealing to outer bag sealing.

  10. It’s easy to adjust the wheel system of outer bag.





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