Clap Packing Machine

Applicable Products/

Sugar, salt, peanut, bean, tea, coffee, health food, curry powder, seed, biscuit and seasoning etc.

Stand Accessories/

Tool box with socket wrench, Hex wrench, Screwdriver.

Optional Equipment/

Date coder, Easy tearing device.


  1. Controlled by PLC system, easy to set the packing length, won't waste the packing material.
  2. Three sides sealing / Four sides sealing / Pillow type packaging are available, please inform us which type you prefer.
  3. Material contacting steels are made by SUS304.
  4. Automatic process : measuring→making bag→filling→sealing→cutting
  5. With finished bags counting function.
  6. Design various types packing machine customized.
  7. With touch screen and PLC control system.
  8. Easy tearing equipment can be optioned.
  9. Adjust the length easily, without disassembling any part.
  10. Cutting blades with longer life.


Packing TypeThree type packing/Four type packing/Pillow type
Packing Weight5-40g
Packing SizesW:50-200mm, L:50-140mm
Packing Speed20-70 bags/min (depend on the contains)
Main Motor60Hz
Power Source110/220 V
Machine Dimensions1150x880x1700mm
Machine Weight400kg