auto packing machine

YOU XIANG machine Co., Ltd, specialized in the automatically vertical packing machine. Our team has more than twenty years experience and professional knowledge in producing various packing machines. We improve the packing machines from the traditional “Continuously type” into the “Intermittent type” to offer high quality customized machines for our customers all over the world. Our goal is offering the operating simple machines and helping you to reduce the labors cost on your production process.

The process of our main packing machines are starting from
Measuring→making bag→filling contents→sealing bag→cutting film→finished bag, all are automatically process. Our improved machines are operated easily, after simple training; employees can handle the production in short time.

We offer our machines to many famous companies in Taiwan area, not only sale, but also the sales service.
We keep contact with our customers continuously, and they give the good feedback about our machines.
We believe our, You Xiang, machines can help you to gain the biggest value for improving prolificacy and reducing the production cost.

Also we export our machines to many countries of the world, includes Southeast Asia, Mid East, Africa, Europe and America.   We design the machine according to your request with reasonable price, to make your production with biggest efficiency.
Our machine range:
Vertical powder packing machine: coffee, seasoning…
Liquid filling packing machine: sauce, sugar water, ketchup…
Auger filling packing machine: milk powder, flour, illiquid powder…
Measuring form-fill-seal packing machine: dumpling, peanut, mixed beans…
Powder, Grain auto filling packing machine; 
Vertical packing machine; 
Vertical liquid filling packing machine; 
Clap packing machine; 
Intermittent auto packing machine; 
Vertical auger filling packing machine; 
Conveyer feeding system vertical form-fill-seal machine; 
Vertical liquid auto filling packing machine; 
Drip coffee packing machine; 
Multi-head scales (10A / 14A) vertical packing machine.


  • Measuring

  • Making bag

  • Filling contents

  • Sealing bag

  • Cutting film

  • Finished bag

Our improved machines are operated easily; after simple training,
employees can handle the production in short time.